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Based on advanced chips, eliminate panel level mismatch Retrieve 3%~25% power generation loss Solve the mismatch issues caused by different variations 30% Long string installation available due to Voltage Limiting Apply to all types of modules Δ < 10℃Anti-Hotspot, more safer and durable.


Modle: ATHENA600

Dimensions(L×W×H): 105*105*20 mm

Weight: 500 g

Cable: Input 20 cm*2/Output 70cm*2

Connector: MC4 (Compatible)

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +60℃

Range Protection Rating: IP65.

Maximum Input Power: 460 W

Operating Voltage Range: 9 ~ 55 V

MPPT Operating Range: 13 ~ 50 V

Maximum Input Current: 15 A | Scalable

Over-current Protection: 16 A

Over-temperature Protection: 150 ℃

Maximum Output Current: 15 A

Solar Optimizer

SKU: SolarOptimizer1
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