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  • Intelligent
    • Each module is equipped with an independent BMS system.
  • Compact Design
    • Weight/KG: 22
    • Size/mm: 480x360x90
    • Practical pull ear design improves operation convenience
  • Safe
    • Safe lithium iron phosphate battery cell
    • Compact size ultralight module
  • Intelligent Management
    • NGW is equipped with intelligent BMS for each battery pack to manage modules effectively.
    • Compared with the traditional module, B4850 can meet the capacity storage and greatly enhance cycle life.
  • Application
    • The NGW battery B4850 module is widely used in energy storage and electrical Household energy storage systems; a Centralized power station energy storage system.
  • Specification
    • Battery type: LiFePO4
    • Nominal Battery Energy: 2.4kWh
    • Nominal Capacity: 50Ah
    • Nominal Voltage: 48V
    • Charging Cut-off vol.: 54V
    • Discharging End-off-vol.: 40.5V
    • Recommend C Rate: 0.5C
    • Continuous Max C Rate: 1C
    • Net Weight: 22Kg
    • Dimension [WxDxH]: 480x360x90mm
    • Charging Temp. Range: 0~50C
    • Discharging Temp. Range: -20~50C
    • Calendar Life: 6000 Cycles
    • Protection Level: IP20
    • Communication: CAN/RS485/DRY CONTACT
    • Certification & Safety Standard: TUV/CS/EN62619/IEC62040/UN38.3/CEC Accredited
    • Warranty: 10 Years

B4850 2.4kWh

מק"ט: B4850
4,849.00 ₪מחיר
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